Life Begins at 4

Let me explain to you what this blog is to me. I work full time as well as being a full time mom. You can’t be a part time parent. The kids call you from school because they forgot their backpack for the 5th time this year (too bad, you can just carry things home in a plastic sack because I’m DONE with that), they need a permission slip signed that they forgot about until the MINUTE it is due to be turned in. They need you to bring their soccer bag because they had too much to carry to school this morning (this one I understand. Why do our soccer players not have a place in the locker room??!). My point is, even when you are at work you’re either fielding phone calls from your kids at one point or another, or worrying about them occasionally. (I like to have my free thinking time that doesn’t involve them, but they weasel their way in)

I have four kids. Two that I have personally birthed and two that are my step sons. They are

14 Anastasia – Birthed

13 Quentin – Step Son

Ashton – Step Son

Daxter –  Birthed

Then there’s me (age not important) and Husband. We both work full time. We both go into work at 7. Well, I used to. I had a hard time with Anastasia not getting up and going because she would be awake then fall back asleep after I left. I switched to where I go into work at 7:30 and just take a thirty minute lunch. Husband takes Ashton to my father-in-law on his way to work and he gets him to school. I take Daxter to my sister’s house since she takes half her kids to the same school. (I feel the need to clear up that in this town of a whole whopping 5000 people we have three elementary schools. Pre-k – 1st, 2nd & 3rd, and 4th & 5th. A middle school and a high school.) We are only four blocks from the middle school so Quentin walks. We’re only a block from the high school so Anastaisa has to walk too, unless she’s being lazy then she gets a ride from my brother who is a teacher at the high school and lives three doors down.

I work at a place that makes plastic interior airplane parts. A far cry from my last job as an office manager in a doctors office. Sadly that position was eliminated and I had to take what I could in a small town. Don’t get me wrong, the job is 99% stress free but it’s just a change from what I’m used to.

Then comes 4. This is the time I get home. This is when my day REALLY begins. Let’s take today for example. I forgot to set meat out for supper so I had planned my world famous Tuna Helper. When I picked Daxter up from my sister’s the first thing he asked was “what’s for supper?” I told him and in true form for the last month or so. “I DON’T WANT SUPPER!!” This has caused more arguments between us then necessary. It’s not that he doesn’t want supper, it’s that he doesn’t want what I’m making for some arbitrary reason. Today was because he wanted chips. I told him chips wasn’t supper. Then to my amusement/horror he used my own argument against me. “Supper isn’t what you eat, it’s the time of day you eat it.” But before I could start supper,  I had to tackle this.

20170321_162157.jpgI had all the dishes done before supper last night… then fell asleep early. Oops. And you know everyone in the family was rushing to help me out. So I got the dishes done and supper made. Then what? Nothing. I did absolutely nothing. That’s the reason for me starting this blog. To motivate me and help out other parents out there that work full time and have to be a full time parent too (I’m not leaving you dads out!)

I will be focusing on meals to feed my picky family (which reminds me I need to move some meat out of my freezer), ways to organize the house and my life, and use this as a way to force me to work on crafts because they are my escape, but I just don’t have the motivation. YOU are going to help motivate me. THANK YOU!!!! 

So with all that being said, I hope you take the time to follow along with me and join me on this journey to make the most out of my life starting at 4!

Much Love,



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